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Alessandro is one of the main recognized professional structural consultant in the yacht industry.

Today's boat building require an high level of knowledge about composite materials in order to obtain light but strong boats; also the power boats market has arrived at an high level of technology and the yacht builders need top level informations from technicians in order to optimize the production and the quality of their boats.

At Paganini Marine we work hard with our customers in order to achieve the best results in terms of quality, stiffness and weight both if the work is on an entire boat structure or if it is a single structural repair.

In the last years we gained an influential position in the structural refit community thanks to the deep knowledge on the composite materials and also about the sciences of composites repairs. Many time spent aboard damaged boats drove us on a solid acquirement about the best boat building and repair techniques.

At to date we serve boat builders as Product and quality development and controls, shipyards as structural engineer during repair or transformation activities, private owners in the solving of structural damages or transformation of the boat.

top image: infusion of a 76' hull

 top image: cutting and lengthening from 54' to 60' sail boat