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Starting from our deep interest in Naval Architecture and in racing rules, Paganini Marine is a well known point of reference for those who want to optimize the rating and/or the performances of their boats. Production boats hve several limits in the accuracy of the appendages geometries. This is a big limit to the boat speed and handling. Many crews and owners are spending a lot of resources in sails design and production, without taking care at the appendages of their boat. But think that sea water is about 1000 times more dense than the air, so that non properly shaped appendages results in a great loss of speed and performances especially in light to medium airs.


Paganini Marine has already designed a lot of optimizations for several production boats and prototypes, with great results in first class races. To date we have a list of optimization kit for the most known boats such as:

 First 31.7, First 34.7, First 35', First 36.7, First 40, First 40.7, First 50, Dufour 34', Dufour 45', Dufour 400 and Dufour 450 E,  Grand Soleil 37' BC, Grand Soleil 40', Grand Soleil 50', Grand Soleil 56', Elan 37, Elan 410, Dehler 41, X 332, X 362 Sport, X 35,  X 37, X 41,  X 43, Rodman 42', Farr 40', Farr 53, Grand Soleil 56 Race, C&C 61, C&C 66 custom, IMS Maxi 82, and more


In the case that an optimization kit is not present in our database, we provide it following an accurate measurement directly on site or through a twin boat measuring.

Our kits are provided to the owner or the yard using express couriers, with all the necessary scale drawings, full scale templates and materials specifications. We also offer optimization consulting for one-design class boats, regarding appendages geometries and details, with regard to the restrictions imposed by the class rules.