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Paganini Marine Workshop is a Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture office, based in La Spezia, Italy.

This organization was founded and is headed by Alessandro Paganini.
He is a sailor since the age of 5, and at 16 years old he had his first experience with big sailboats becoming part of the crew of the famous "Croce del Sud" a 43 meter 3 Mast sailboat built in 1921.

He studied at the well known Maritime Institute in La Spezia and obtained the highest graduation (60/60) in 1992; then he obtained a degree (110/110) in Naval Architecture at the Genoa University. Currently he is specialized in Perfomance Prediction and Sailboat Design and followed with success many high level courses about Sailboats Performance and Composites Design.

His first important test with sailing boat engineering was in 1993 when he made the design and the engineering of the Snake-Cat, a 3 point sand racer designed to cross the desert in a crew of 2. The Mauritanian desert has been succesfully crossed in 1995 by skipper Mauro Melis.

Alessandro worked from 1999 to 2003 inside of Vismara Yacht Design office. He was responsible for the Naval Architecture, stuctural engineering and project managment and he is considered one of the main contributors of the success of the tuscanian reality, that he worked to expand with successfull and innovative designs. He founded Waterline Yacht Design, togheter with other designers, and has been President for 2 years.

In 2003 he was contacted by Arch. Renzo Piano to carry out the technical consulting of the refitting of the famous Kiribilli 60' sailboat, and he produced all the structural designs and the aero-hydro project to improve the boat's performances.

From 2003 Alessandro has started a positive collaboration with the Universities of Genoa and Florence as  teacher for accademic courses and Masters, and as technician for research activities.

After this challenging professional experiences, Alessandro decided to be full time involved in Paganini Marine Workshop in order to offer all his experience to owners, yards and crews to design their new sail boat or to modify the existing ones to improve the perfermances with  professional modifications.

Alessandro is a Fellow Member (FRina) of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, an internationally renowned professional institution whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of marine vessels and structures.

Paganini Marine is the center of a professional net that ensures Professionality at the top level thanks to the appreciated cohoperations in all the most important areas of the Yachting



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